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  • This day in history: June 2


    About 50 boats pass by Little Falls each day, and a number of rafts from the west. The grand staple from the west is flour, while passengers and merchandise from the east. The canal bank is the principal promenade for the people to see the elegant packet boats.


    In Little Falls there were only two streets, but there were two mills and two blacksmith shops. Ann Street north of Garden Street was a pasture. All that part of the village east of Second Street and south of Main Street, was a drear wilderness thickly covered with white cedar undergrowth. Although the Erie Canal opened in 1825, the policies of the alien Mr. Alexander Ellice kept the village nearly stationary till 1831.


    Around this date, Chr. Hansen’s Laboratories of Copenhagen, Denmark, the world’s premier manufacturer of rennet used in the production of cheese, along with coloring for cheese and butter, established a factory in Little Falls under the management of Mr. J. D. Frederiksen.


    The H. P. Snyder Company is “cranking out” Hopalong Cassidy bicycles to fill the demand of youngsters across the nation. Cowboy star William Boyd, who plays Cassidy on TV and in the movies, is known as The King of the Cowboy Merchandisers. The bicycle sells for $67 when an average boy’s bike sells for $17. (Note: in mint condition they now sell for nearly $3,000.)

  • This day in history: June 3


    WW II Era – Overtures are being made to city officials by Consolidated Airlines for Little Falls to be a stop on the proposed route of the airline after the war. The Kansas City company has asked for considerable demographic information concerning the city.


    Brett Wehrum and Florian Andreas (an exchange student from Germany,) students at LFHS, won the New York State All Class tennis doubles championship at the U. S. National Tennis Center in Flushing, Long Island, New York. David Talaba was their coach.


    With great fanfare, the 1961 sesquicentennial time capsule was  unearthed near the Civil War monument in Eastern Park. People came from all over the country to retrieve letters written 50 years earlier by their ancestors. Water had seeped into the capsule through defective weld lines and all the paper contents had turned to “mush.” Coins and other metal objects survived.

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News and Updates

Patriots day at Yellow Church Cemetery

Patriots Day at Yellow Church Cemetery

On Saturday May 20, the twelfth annual Patriots Day ceremony was held at historic Yellow Church Cemetery in Manheim. The well-attended event was co-sponsored by the Manheim Lutheran Church Association and the Little Falls Historical Society.

Hector Allen Memorial Celebration

A memorial celebration for Hector Allen will be on June 3, 2023, from noon to 6:00 PM at the H.C. Smith Benefit Club outside St. Johnsville. 

The Old Bank Building


April 28: National Historic Marker Day

The officers and directors of the Little Falls Historical Society marked this day by placing a new historic marker atop a previously installed marker pole at the site of the guard gate for the 1795 Western Inland Navigation Lock Canal.

Grist Mill Attack Historic Marker in Little Falls, New York.

April 28 National Historic Marker Day

This is a service-oriented event intended to bring people together to help maintain their historic markers, celebrate local history, and beautify their communities.