Little Falls Historical Society Museum Events

  • This day in history: August 16


    At his home just east of Little Falls, General Nicholas Herkimer died of his wounds suffered at the Battle of Oriskany on August 6, 1777. He had led the Tryon County militia to relieve the siege of Fort Stanwix (Schuyler) when his forces were ambushed by British troops, Royalists, and Indians in a battle deemed by many as the “bloodiest battle” of the Revolutionary War.


    A monument was dedicated at the old “Colored Burial Ground” in the Church Street Cemetery by the Little Falls Historical Society as a tribute to the recently deceased city historian, Edwin Vogt, who had conceived the idea.

  • This day in history: August 17


    Dr. Perkins and geologist Hall explored the “Hinman Hole” off of West Monroe Street near the cities boundary, and announced their findings. The cave opening is 394 feet above the Mohawk River, is 70 feet deep, and the surface area of the floor is 100 square feet.


    The Red Cross is having their duck sale this evening at the corner of Main and Second Streets.

  • This day in history: August 18


    The islands in the Mohawk River at the little falls were granted to Peter Winne. Winne’s ancestors were from Flanders (Belgium) and settled in the mid and upper Hudson River valley. They bought islands in the Hudson River south of Fort Orange (Albany.)


    A young man was sent by Police Justice Dasey to Albany penitentiary for 60 days for stealing tomatoes from Kane Brothers grocery store.


    Three dry agents from Utica raided the Globe Hotel on West John Street and confiscated 68 cases of home brew. The contents were dumped down the sink and the bottles broken on the floor. A large crowd gathered during the festivities.


    An article in the Evening Times mentions that the original George L. Smith bequest was $143,000 with a 1979 value of $1,500,000. The trust department of the Herkimer County Trust Company manages the estate.

  • This day in history: August 19


    Chr. Hansen’s Laboratory celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding at a banquet at the Mohawk Valley Country Club attended by 190 persons. Company chairman Johannes Hansen, accompanied by his wife, came over from Copenhagen, Denmark to deliver the principal address at the affair.

  • News and Updates

    Off-site programs and activities for Canal Days of the Little Falls Historical Society Museum

    The officers and directors are proud to announce that the Historical Society worked with the Little Falls Central School District to award 2022 scholarships to two members of the Class of 2022.

    The officers, directors, and entire membership of the Little Falls Historical Society are proud to announce the publication and availability of their new book BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL.

    The Little Falls Historical Society and the Norway Historical Society will hold a partnered Patriots Day observance program beginning at 11:00 AM on Saturday May 14 in Norway Rural Cemetery, also known as Four Wars Cemetery. 

    Helen Dunteman

    The officers and directors of the Little Falls Historical Society are proud to announce that their 2022 writing series will be dedicated to former Little Falls social studies teacher Helen Dunteman.