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Benton Hall Academy | Making History Today | Little Falls Historical Society Museum

Benton Hall Academy

A community begins and ends with its children, this is particularly true in Little Falls, as well as small towns across America.
City Hall, Little Falls NY | Little Falls Historical Society Museum

Little Falls City Hall

City Hall stands out among the architecture of downtown Little Falls and is a testament to the spirit and community of Little Falls.

Civil War Soldier

The Brave Defenders monument has stood proudly here since 1877, serving as a reminder of the loyal citizens of Little Falls who waged war against the Confederacy. 

Gettysburg Address Monument

In February of 1861, hundreds of residents gathered at the train station here in Little Falls to catch a glimpse of a lanky, bearded Midwesterner.

Loomis-Burrell House

Welcome to the Loomis-Burrell House, situated at 676 East Main Street, built in 1832 by Judge Arphaxed Loomis.

Richard Ray Ward House

Welcome to the Richard Ray Ward House, located at 721 East Main Street. Built in 1860, this Italianate style house showcases a flat roof that was popular during its time.
Rotary Park

Rotary Park

Located on the Mohawk River, Little Falls, like most cities and towns built along New York’s rivers, relies heavily on their waters.

Stone Crusher Buildings

Along the former and present railroad tracks which run parallel to the Mohawk River are two stone crusher buildings, each built in 1906.

The Tragedy at Taylor Driving Park

The Taylor Driving Park was a bustling and popular attraction that offered a variety of entertainment options for visitors.
The Old Bank Building

The Old Bank Building: Little Falls Historical Society Museum

Little Falls, New York, once the cheese capital of the world, is now a town filled with rich history on every street.

St. Mary’s Church and Holy Family Parish

The church before you is not just a building. This church tells a story about Little Falls and its people, a story of immigration and community.

War Memorial

The Little Falls War Memorial, featuring artwork made by local artist Marc Verri, stands at the former site of the Honor Roll Monument.

World War I Memorial

The Little Falls WWI memorial is dedicated to just some of the six hundred and thirty-four men who served between the years of 1917 and 1918.
Little Falls Public Library

Little Falls Library

Originally opened in 1814, the Little Falls Public Library has been serving the community for over two-hundred years.

The Barge Canal’s Influence

Did you know that in addition to bringing jobs and money to Little Falls, the Barge Canal also brought two Viking longships to the town?

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