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  • This day in history: June 15


    Around this time, a band of nearly 300 Royalists and Iroquois Indians, attacked and destroyed the Petrie grist mill at Little Falls killing several occupants and forcing others into captivity in Canada. The event occurred one year after the revolutionary War had “unofficially” ended.


    Edward Evans purchased the old American House hotel and the Evans House became the headquarters of the Cheese Market.


    Improvements have been completed at the Cronkhite Opera House under the direction of a firm from Chicago. The stage has been enlarged, beautiful new scenery and appointments put in place, and the easiest of orchestra chairs installed. The opening performance next week will be “Mikado.”


    One of Little Falls’ most recent industries is the plant of Hoffman Paper Company, on West Main Street. High grade tissues are the product of this manufacturer, the outcome of local enterprise and capital. Later known as Burrow’s Paper Co.


    The first fatal automobile accident to occur in Little Falls took place near the corner of East Main Street and Waverly Place. A young lad, playing in Ward Square, darted in front of the chauffeur driven auto, was struck and thrown to the ground. He was taken to the hospital and died shortly afterwards.


    The end of an era. The last train on the ten mile branch of the Little Falls – Dolgeville Railroad travelled the rails today when the efforts of Herkimer businessman Don Reile came to naught. The spur has been losing money for years and the New York Central finally called it quits.

  • This day in history: June 16


    The first fire company was organized and this was one of the greatest social events in the village.


    The grand excursion, by the Gen. Z. C. Priest Steamer Co., to Saratoga Springs from Little Falls, was enjoyed by people from all over the Mohawk Valley. Demand for palace cars exceeded expectations, and extra cars had to be added. General Priest’s private car led the way.


    Opposition on the part of property owners to the installation of distribution poles by Bell Telephone linemen has escalated. Mrs. Catherine Fleming confronted the workers with an ax and a crowbar (she was disarmed), a water hose (which was cut), and buckets of water from an upper window. The wet linemen got warrants, Fleming got a lawyer – the pole was installed.


    The doors of the new, modern Little Falls National Bank building were opened to the public, and large numbers of people visited the new structure at the corner of West Main and South Ann streets.


    The Evening Times proclaimed Barnett’s Tannery in Little Falls as the second largest leather producing plant in the United States. Shortly afterwards, the plant moved to Woburn, Massachusetts. Views differ as to the reason for the move – some say high local taxes, others say the death of the plant manager, Edward White.

  • This day in history: June 17


    Under the name “Talaquega Tribe,” a branch of the Improved Order of Red Men was organized in this village with 39 charter members. Its name is taken from an old Indian name in this locality.


    The Interstate Telephone Co. reported that there were 340 telephones in use in Little Falls with the number growing.


    “The City Theatre” is the name which Reardon & Shults have decided that Skinner Opera House will be hereafter known. 

  • This day in history: June 18


    A ratification meeting was held at Washington Hall on South Ann Street for James K. Polk and George Dallas. Polk was to be elected as the eleventh president of the United States, and during his term of office the territory of the country expanded significantly with the annexation of the Republic of Texas, the Oregon Territory, and the Mexican Cession.


    A blast on Moss Island threw a rock weighing 9 ½ lbs. across the river and through the roof of the E. B. Waite’s paper mill. The rock struck with such force as to break a 3 x 6 rafter in the roof.


    Between fifteen hundred and two thousand people gathered at Eastern Park to enjoy the first band concert of the season. The band played a number of selections in first-class style.


    A private driveway has been made through the Lansing property, which connects Church and Lansing streets.


    The steamboat, Titus Sheard, with sixteen aboard, left Little Falls at 1:20 PM for the short voyage to Taylor Driving Park with Van Buren Young at the helm. As it neared the park, the steam engine exploded killing Young and ten others. Heroic efforts by park patrons saved five others including Miss Rhonda Warren who graduated from the local high school later that week.


    Photographs of Little Falls were taken from the air by the Fairchild Aerial Corporation if New York as the machine circled twice around the city. The photos will be used for marketing purposes.

News and Updates

The Little Falls Historical Society Museum will hold its annual Holiday Luncheon at the Travelodge Wednesday, December 18 at 12 noon. This is always a great time to enjoy time together during the holiday season. Please call Jeff Gressler at (315) 823-2799 for tickets.

Longtime Little Falls resident Maynard Blask will be the guest presenter at the Tuesday, October 22, meeting of the Little Falls Historical Society. The 7:00 PM meeting is free and open to the public.  Blask’s presentation will focus on the 1970’s era renovation of Veterans Memorial Park and the Little Falls Mets. Maynard wants his […]

The Little Falls Historical Society will hold a 2019 season-ending reception at their Old Bank Museum from 5:00 – 7:00 PM as part of Third Thursday activities on October 17. The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

A fundraiser for the Little Falls Historical Society Wednesday, September 25, 2019 $120.00 per person Reservation on or before September 11, 2019 Make Checks Payable: Little Falls Historical Society Mail payment to: 319 S. Ann St., Little Falls, NY 13365 EXPERIENCE THE HISTORY • THE FASHION • THE HOUSE Arrangements by Tours By Design Based […]

Opening Reception | Little Falls Historical Society Museum -2

By Donna Thompson / Posted May 29, 2019 at 5:21 PM Updated May 29, 2019 at 5:21 PM LITTLE FALLS — Tuesday’s opening reception for three new exhibits at the Little Falls Historical Society’s Old Bank Museum drew a crowd that included local athletes and their families, historical society members and people from the community. Little Falls athletes who competed in New York state level […]