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On this day: December 7, 1887
Dec 7 all-day

Impressive services were held by the Knights Templar at the Little Falls Baptist church for General Zenas C. Priest, long active in local, state, and national affairs. Attending were President Chauncey Depew of the N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and many other dignitaries who were greeted by several hundred mourners at the passenger depot.

On this day: December 7, 1941
Dec 7 all-day

WW II era – Little Falls citizens reacted with horror as reports came in concerning the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Local residents were slowly receiving word about the fate of their relatives in Hawaii.

On this day: December 9, 1881
Dec 9 all-day

The Catholic bell now rings every morning at half past six, at noon and at 6:30 in the evening. It is a much pleasanter way of announcing the time than by the screams of the mill whistles every one of which is blown at a different time.

On this day: December 10, 1872
Dec 10 all-day

The officers chosen for the coming year for the Young People’s Christian Association include: D. H. Burrell (President), Titus Sheard and T. M. Chapman (Vice Presidents), R. S. Whitman (Treasurer), Warren Griswold ( Secretary), and M. H. Smith (Librarian.)

On this day: December 10, 1910
Dec 10 all-day

The Utica Gas & Electric Company is building a new power house on West Mill Street at the foot of 5th Street. An injunction has been granted to prohibit the company from getting water to turn the three turbine wheels. The company expects to surmount the legal barrier and obtain the water rights.

On this day: December 10, 1923
Dec 10 all-day

The local Americanization program was discussed at a meeting of the Exchange Club. It was reported that there were 3,538 foreign born persons residing in Little Falls – 879 Poles, 605 Italians, 541 Bohemians, 279 Slovaks, 205 Germans, and 108 Russians (probably Ukrainians.)

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