Today, April 26, 2024, is National Historic Marker Day

View our list of historic markers that provide a glimpse into the history of Little Falls and preserve the city’s history for future generations. While out driving, cycling, or walking, please take a moment to stop and read the historic markers within the City of Little Falls. Enjoy!!

LIST OF HISTORIC MAKERS:(Individual links provide the history and location of each marker)

●     Bridge For Boats

●     Benton Hall Academy

●     Benton’s Landing

●     Brave Defenders

●     David L. Bass

●     Grist Mill Attack

●     Guard Lock

●     Honor Roll

●     Italian Oven

●     Lafayette’s Tour

●     Lake Shore Limited Railroad

●     Lincoln”s Gettysburg Address

●     Little Falls-Water Power For Sale

●     Route of the Little Falls Canal

●     Shaping the City

●     The Cheese Business

●     The Italian Community Bake Oven

●     The Street Cheese Market

●     The World’s Best Cheddar

●     Window on the Past     Window on the Past Historical Marker