Springtime Greetings Historical Society Members

Spring’s arrival serves as a reminder for me that our directors and officers need to communicate a number of updates to our membership.


Most importantly, our directors and officers wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to renew their 2024 membership. Your support allows us to carry out our programs, scholarships, and activities.


The Historical Society’s 2024 Patriots Day observance ceremony will take place at the historic home of Tom Overman and Mary Ellen McGillan on Saturday, May 18, beginning at 11:00 AM. Tom and Mary Ellen are the present owners of the John Bellinger home, constructed in 1824; this year marks its bicentennial!. Event information will be sent along as this date approaches.


The Historical Society is proud to announce that both of our 2024 scholarships will be increased from $500 to $1000. The Charles P. Colby scholarship will be awarded to a graduating Little Falls high school senior who has overcome some form of significant handicap to achieve academic success. Our other scholarship will be awarded to a student who will major in history or a related field at the collegiate level. Various membership donations have made these increases possible. Thank you.


Several already published 2024 writing series articles can be viewed on our website and other authors are at work on articles related to various local history topics. Our editorial staff wishes to clarify Historical Society writing series guidelines. All potential article ideas should be presented to our editorial staff in advance to discuss topics, article lengths, and number of pictures before article writing commences.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Jeffrey Gressler – president

“The more I study history, the more I realize how little mankind has progressed. There are no new scripts, just different actors.”

 ~   Richard Paul Evans   ~