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  • This day in history: December 6


    A large number of unoccupied lots in the outpart of the village, formerly owned by Ellice and more recently by R. R. Ward, were sold at auction. A greater part of the property around the village is now owned by resident citizens. Building in the past year has surpassed that of prior years.


    Central New York Telephone Company’s new handsome and commodious building on South Second Street is ready for use. There are 12 operators’ positions and capacity for 2,500 phones. The cost for the site, building, and apparatus was $34,500.

  • This day in history: December 7


    Impressive services were held by the Knights Templar at the Little Falls Baptist church for General Zenas C. Priest, long active in local, state, and national affairs. Attending were President Chauncey Depew of the N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and many other dignitaries who were greeted by several hundred mourners at the passenger depot.


    WW II era – Little Falls citizens reacted with horror as reports came in concerning the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the beginning of World War II. Local residents were slowly receiving word about the fate of their relatives in Hawaii.

  • This day in history: December 8


    The notorious “Pastime Club” in Little Falls was shut down following the conviction of its promoters for the use of nefarious implements in their gambling den. It seems that a clever magnetic device was being used at the dice table to fleece the young men who frequented the place. Police are raiding other such “clubs” throughout the city.


    Do not forget the high school congress debate tonight at the Quackenbush Hall. The question is the Transvaal question. The proceeds are for the high school decoration fund.

  • This day in history: December 9


    The Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of this village will hold a fair for the sale of useful and fancy articles at the Benton House.


    The Catholic bell now rings every morning at half past six, at noon and at 6:30 in the evening. It is a much pleasanter way of announcing the time than by the screams of the mill whistles every one of which is blown at a different time.


    For the past several weeks, Professor Sugarman , a practicing eye specialist in Little Falls, has been amazing local residents by taking daily plunges in the icy Mohawk River. He is a firm believer and advocate of the curative powers of cold water. The colder the atmosphere the more he seems to enjoy the bath.


    Henry Hondorf, of Jersey City, foreman of the structural iron workers building the new City Hall, died as a result of a fall from the top of the structure.


    Artist Stephen “Pitt” Nicholas has created a 34- foot mural on the west side of the 1855 stone building housing the Little Falls Antique Center. Nicholas’ piece relates the river and time to the historical area.

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Many stories abound in Little Falls from the Roaring 20’s era of Prohibition which lasted from 1919-1933. Some of our parents or grandparents may even have violated the Volstead Act. This law attempted to establish the legal apparatus to enforce the 18th Amendment which outlawed the manufacture, sale, and transportation of most alcoholic beverages. There […]

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