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  • This day in history: May 16


    The Buffalo Bill travelling show returned to Little Falls even though Buffalo Bill had retired. The show featured Jess Willard the former prize fighter.


    Artistic Director Vlad Iftinca and Bellinger Performing Arts presented an “Opera and Broadway Treasures” concert at the Masonic Temple in Little Falls before an enthusiastic, sold-out audience.  Iftinca brought musical stars Kristn Mengelkoch, Musical Theater Soprano; Janara Kellerman, Mezzo-Soprano; John Moore, Baritone; and Peter Volpe, Bass to Little Falls.

    A stunning, sold-out performance of “Opera and Broadway Treasures” was held at the Masonic Temple under the direction of artistic director Vlad Iftinca. Featured artists were from the Metropolitan Opera and Broadway shows.

  • This day in history: May 17


    Dr. James Kennedy, Little Falls’ first doctor, who came to the “village” around 1797, sold his business and property on Church Street to Dr. Hosea Hamilton and John Dygert.


    Confusion reigned as the main roadway through the village was called at various times, Western Avenue, Eastern Avenue, Catherine Street, First Street, and Main Street.  A resolution was passed calling these various streets “Main Street.”

  • This day in history: May 18


    Prices at the market – Butter 45 cents a pound, Cheese 20 cents, Lard 30 cents, Eggs 40 cents a dozen, and Potatoes 63 cents a bushel.


    The first match game of base ball of the season was played on the Academy grounds between the Shermans of Utica and the Pastimes of Little Falls. The score stood:  Shermans, 53 runs: Pastimes, 28 runs. Learn more about early base ball in Little Falls on our virtual exhibit.


    The Austrians engaged on the Main street trenches attract much attention from the curious. The digging developed some interesting features of the ancient corduroy road over what was once a water hole near the intersection of Mary Street.


    Mayor Dasey has contracted with the Little Falls Citizens’ band to conduct thirteen band concerts during the summer months – five each in Eastern and Western parks, and three at Clinton Park. The band has placed an order for new instruments.


    A twelve year old girl on West Main Street submitted to an operation for appendicitis. Over-exertion in jumping rope is said to have caused the trouble.


    The new Slovak church on East Jefferson Street was dedicated today as Christ Lutheran Church of Holy Trinity. The fine brick structure is a credit to the Slavish people of the city whose zeal and enterprise brought it into existence.


    Movie stars James Cruze and Sidney Bracy made personal appearances at the Gem Theatre in Little Falls.


    Local, state and federal officials were present at the groundbreaking for construction of the long-awaiting connector route between the East-West Arterial and the Little Falls Thruway interchange.

  • This day in history: May 19


    Phillip Grossman, who owns a saloon opposite the N. Y. Central Railroad Depot, is advertising “I will keep constantly on hand at my saloon a supply of Limburger Cheese, Bologna Sausage, and Lager Beer.”


    For the parishioners of St. Mary’s Catholic church, the laying of the cornerstone for their new cathedral-like edifice at the corner of East Main and John Streets was a festive and impressive occasion.


    Governor Roswell Pettibone Flower vetoed the city charter bill for Little Falls under the “back stairs” influence of Town of Little Falls supervisor Col. T Dasey. Dasey, fearful of losing extensive tax revenues should Little Falls become a city, has long opposed the measure.


    An interesting game of basket ball was played at the gymnasium between ladies representing Utica and Little Falls, the latter winning by a score of 14 to 6. The large audience of about 500 was composed entirely of ladies and all were highly pleased.


    There is nothing like a snow storm in the middle of May to bring back the annoying realities of Winter. An inch and a half of snow accumulated today in the city.

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