The Little Falls Historical Society Announces New Book: Beyond Our Bicentennial

The officers, directors, and entire membership of the Little Falls Historical Society are proud to announce the publication and availability of their new book BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL.

This book is a compilation of seventy-seven articles authored by thirty-nine different Little Falls residents past and present. It is dedicated to two groups of individuals, the founding members of the Historical Society and all Little Falls military veterans.

The seventy-seven articles are organized by topics which include military, people, places, music, the 1940 Gulf Curve Train Wreck, waterways, athletics, buildings, and local and national events. The eighteen articles written about, and in many cases by, Little Falls military veterans provide the emotional centerpiece of this publication.

BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL is a supplement to the Historical Society’s 2013 book TOWARDS OUR BICENTENNIAL which contained fifty-four articles. In combination, the two books contain some 129 articles on Little Falls history. 

The cost of this 250-page book is $35, tax included. The Historical Society has also made arrangements to mail copies of the book to any location at a cost of $40, tax included. 

BEYOND OUR BICENTENNIAL can be purchased locally at the Community Co-op, at the Little Falls Public Library, at FunTech Providers, at Pohlig Enterprises, and through the Historical Society by calling Louis Baum at 315/867-3527, Jeffrey Gressler at 315/823-2799, or Maryanne Terzi at 315/823-1502.

Contact the Little Falls Historical Society about our book, Beyond Our Bicentennial

Contact the Little Falls Historical Society about our book, Beyond Our Bicentennial

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