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  • This day in history: March 23


    The Slovenian Home, first formed in 1905 as a cultural, social, and beneficial society, became incorporated under New York State law on this date. The members had immigrated  to Little Falls from the Slovenia area of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


    Leon Dussault, born in Little Falls in 1895, and co-owner of the “Journal & Courier” printing company, died on this date. Mr. Dussault founded the Little Falls Symphony Orchestra in 1927, and conducted the exceptional ensemble of local and area musicians through its final concert in 1971. National and international acclaimed performers  frequently appeared with the orchestra.

  • This day in history: March 24


    Elbana Williams offered a resolution to the State Legislature to make a survey around the rapids in the Mohawk River.


    As of this date, Little Falls has 3,000 population, 40 stores, 2 printing offices, 5 hotels, 1 bank, 5 churches, numerous schools,  – the manufacturies consists of 2 paper mills, 3 paper mills, 2 saw mills, 3 foundries, 1 machine shop, 1 sash factory, 1 axe factory, 1 woolen factory, 1 clothing factory, 1 distillery, 1 brewery, 1 plasster mill, 2 trip-hammers, and numerous factories in the n=manufacture of Copper, cabinets, carriages etc.


    A. M. Kinney, dealer in horses, will have two car loads of horses for sale today.

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Historical Society Seeks Prohibition Related Artifacts

Many stories abound in Little Falls from the Roaring 20’s era of Prohibition which lasted from 1919-1933. Some of our parents or grandparents may even have violated the Volstead Act. This law attempted to establish the legal apparatus to enforce the 18th Amendment which outlawed the manufacture, sale, and transportation of most alcoholic beverages. There […]

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