1883 Little Falls Warehouse Company | Produce & meatpacking cold storage building on East Mill Street

Jacob Zoller’s packing house

At Jacob Zoller’s packing house on Main Street, carload after carload of fresh porkers arrive to be cut up, salted, and smoked.

Harry Burrell's home at 664 East Main Street | Present-day Verizon Telephone Co.

The Y.M.C.A.

Built at a cost of over $100,000, the fully equipped building is dedicated for the benefit of men and women of Little Falls irrespective of creed.

Reverend Francis Bellamy | c. 1892

Rev. Francis Bellamy

An unknown caller left a little box containing $80 in gold at the home of Rev. Francis Bellamy. An accompanying card informed him that it was from his friends in the Baptist Church.

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Dutch explorer Harmen Meyndertsz van den Bogaert left Fort Orange (Albany), and passed around the little falls, possibly south of Fall Hill, while visiting Iroquois Indian villages on his way to Oneida Lake. Most likely, he was the first white person to have visited this area.

10 Waverly Place, The Beamer-Smith House, The Little Falls Library

On December 29, 1910, Judge Rollin Smith has bequeathed his beautiful residence, at the corner of West Main Street and Waverly Place, to the community for a public library. The property itself is one of the finest in the city, and for that matter in the county.

US submarine chasers stop in Little Falls

On December 17, 1917, Cooney Archives, a good number of recently built US submarine chasers, moving down the canal, stopped in Little Falls on their way to New York City. They will bolster our shore defenses.

Alfred and Auguste Anna Dolge

First train passes over the railroad to Dolgeville

In 1892, the Little Falls- Dolgeville Railroad Company became incorporated, with the company’s main shareholder being Alfred Dolge.

A Motorist’s Camp with a History

Talaquega Park, the free camping place for motorists, established two years ago by the Little Falls Automobile Club, has become one of the most popular and best equipped stopping places for motor campers in the state in the eastern part of the city of Little Falls.