2018 Church Street Cemetery Tour

Church Street Cemetery Vault | Little Falls Historical Society Museum

Church St. Cemetery [officially] opened in 1842. A 15-acre lot was purchased by the village from Mr. Ward. At the time, the cemetery was located outside the village with very few homes in close proximity. A wagon road entered the cemetery from Church St., and another rose diagonally from Monroe St.

Originally, the southern arm of the cemetery was reserved for the most prominent or wealthiest people. Numerous monuments are found in this section. The northern end of the cemetery was allotted to the poor. The “colored peoples” section is in that area. The middle of the cemetery was intended for the “middle class.” Behind the present caretaker’s shed lies the “village section” or, as it is more commonly known, the “potter’s field.” Individuals that could not afford a cemetery plot, or that were under “community care,” were interred in that area. Gravestones are sparse for the over two hundred people that are buried there. The last interment was made in the “village section” in 1977. As time went on, little class distinction was given to the location of gravesites and the “common” people began to be interred alongside the “noteworthy.”

Be sure to download the brochure as it includes well-researched information on gravestone art symbolism, marker and fencing styles, as well as grave narratives, to help local historians and genealogists.

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