The general public is cordially invited to attend the Little Falls Historical Society’s 2019 opening reception at their 314 South Ann Street Old Bank Museum on Tuesday May 28 beginning at 7:00 PM. 

Five championship banners have been won by Little Falls athletes and teams. This honored list includes the Wilbur Crisp coached 1929-30 boys basketball team all class championship, the Ted Schoff coached 1982 class C boys baseball team championship, Tess Malone’s 1997 class C-D 200 meter championship, Bret Wehrum and Florian Andreas 2000 all class tennis doubles championship and Brian Mosher’s class C-D 2001 200 and 400 meter championships. 

A number of other Little Falls athletes and teams have competed in New York State level competition, the most recent being the Sal Marchese coached 2018 girls soccer team which lost in the final four championship game. 

These athletes and their families will be the special guests at the museum opening reception.

Those Little Falls athletes and teams that both won and competed in New York State level competition are part of a 2019 exhibit on “Little Falls Athletics.” The exhibit also includes archival photographs of St. Mary’s Academy teams and various town and independent athletic teams from the 1890’s through the 1950’s.

Other new exhibits for 2019 include “Little Falls During Prohibition,” “Camp Jolly” and “Rockton.” 

Light refreshments will be served.