Little Falls Canal Days Celebration and the Old Bank Building Museum

Off-site programs and activities for Canal Days of the Little Falls Historical Society Museum

Myjava Exhibit | Little Falls Historical Society Museum | Little Falls NY

Send a message to your fellow Sister City citizen in Myjava, Slovakia!

Choose one of the English phrases that follow, written in Slovak . The students in Myjava Gymnasium, are bilingual, so you can write a note below in English.  The Myjava Gymnasium is the name of the secondary school (high school) who is partnering with the Little Falls Historical Society.

Add to your opening phrase with something about yourself, Little Falls, Canal Days in Little Falls or perhaps about the picture on your card.

You can close by signing your first name, with the universal wish of:

Peace on Earth – Mier Na Zemi


Your friend,  –  Tvoj priatel’  

Additional translations

Hello from your Sister City!  • Pozdrav z vášho sesterského mesta!

Greetings from a citizen from your Sister City, Little Falls, NY, USA! • Pozdrav od občana z vášho Sister City, Little Falls, NY. USA

About 1000 of your Myjavan ancestors migrated to Little Falls in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Asi 1000 vašich myjavských predkov migrovalo do Little Falls koncom 19. storočia a začiatkom 19. storočia.

Here is a scene from our town.  Tu je scéna z nášho mesta.

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