2023 Writing Series Dedicated to Edward Cooney By Michael Cooney

Edward Cooney was City Historian for over forty years, president of the Herkimer County Historical Society, and one of the founding members of the Little Falls Historical Society.

Eagle Down by John Frazier

Donnie Coffin was somewhat of an enigma. Those who remember him recall him as an easygoing guy, but not many people have vivid memories of him.
Moreland Park

Little Falls Philanthropy by Louis W. Baum

What did wealthy people do with their money? Some spent lavishly on themselves and their families caring little for their fellow man; others were philanthropic. Over the years, the citizens of Little Falls have greatly benefited in many different ways from the philanthropy of several of its leading residents who lived here in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
LF Historical Society Writing Series dedication to Hector Allen

Dairy Farming In Herkimer County: The More Things Change… by De Wayne W. Perry

The Magnificent Mile at Little Falls by Louis W. Baum, Jr.

Burwell Street Namesake and Moreland Park Visionary
by Jeffrey Gressler

He Still Sustains: Pitt the Painter’s Studio Loft
by Laura Laubenthal

“Surviving Childhood in Little Falls” by Cynthia Holick Foley

Long Ago From a Far Away Land by Jessie Snyder Thompson Huberty

John Frazier – Prisoner of War, Hero by John Frazier, Jr.

The Little Falls Lock 17 Dedication Celebration of 1916 by Angela Harris

Mayor Hadley Jones – A Saint or a Sinner (Part 2) by Louis Baum

Mayor Hadley Jones – A Saint or a Sinner (Part 1) by Louis Baum

A Sun Shower Without End by Ray Lenarcic

Patriots Day Honors Those Who Were Not Sunshine Patriots by Jeffrey Gressler