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Little Falls Historical Society Election

The Little Falls Historical Society Tuesday November 27 meeting will have a twin focus, but the primary order of business that evening will be the election for two seats on the board of directors and a vote on a proposed bylaws change for the organization.

Elections At Historical Society
November 27, 2018
7:00 pm
At the WCA, located at 534 Garden Street, Little Falls, NY.

Director Michael Smith has been nominated for a second term on the board and City Historian Pat Stock has been nominated to fill the seat of departing longtime board member Heather Dawes.

The proposed bylaws change to be voted on would allow a Historical Society president to serve more than two consecutive terms. The current bylaws place no term limits on any other officer or board member of the Historical Society.

At the conclusion of elections, the meeting will then transition into a “show and tell” during which time Society members and others in attendance will be given the opportunity to display and briefly talk about any unique Little Falls artifacts or memorabilia that they bring to the meeting.

A short Historical Society business meeting will take place before elections. Light refreshments will be served following the “show and tell” portion of the meeting.

All programs, presentations and meetings of the Little Falls Historical Society are free and open to the public.